How to make your own dinosaur feet

In this edition of It’s not about craft with Resene, we join Harley, Phoebe and Dave as they make dinosaur feet to stamp colourful footprints with.

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What you need


  1. Cut out a pair of footprints from our printable template – or get creative and cut out your own shapes and patterns!
  2. Use the paper cut-out to trace the footprint onto the sponge. We decided to use a dense sponge with a scouring pad on one side.
  3. Cut the footprints out of the sponge then trim and shape the edges if they’re looking a bit messy.
  4. Glue the sponge to the jandals using a hot glue gun.
  5. Roll out a long sheet of brown paper.
  6. Dip the sponges into a small amount of paint then started making tracks!

We used the Resene colours Outrageous, Cupid, Riptide and Saltpan.

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