The tradition of the talking pie

My children are quick to adopt traditions. If it’s something they like, it seems they instantly fast-track it to tradition status. “But Mummy,” they tell me, “That’s what we always do.” Take the tradition of the talking pie. Once, I had lots of leftover pastry and decided to cut out words to decorate the top of a bacon and egg pie we were taking on a picnic.

I felt proud of myself for making the effort and it was certainly well-received. But I was a little surprised the next time I baked a pie to hear my kids whisper, “I can’t wait to see what’s written on the top.” Unfortunately there was nothing that time, but I haven’t missed a pastry love moment since. Sometimes it’s a holiday destination, sometimes it’s our names – if I’m really pushed for time it’s a shape.

I think traditions like this create a sense of belonging in a family and create the kinds of memories I hope my children will carry with them into adulthood. And it’s always worth the extra few minutes it takes. After all, it’s our tradition.


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Hannah Dickson

Hannah was the editor of Parenting magazine and from 2008 until 2015. She's a mother of two primary school-aged children and is passionate about baking, cupcakes and giving children a great start with a warm and creative family life.

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