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Well, it looks like we might be doing this for a little while. For the latest updates on COVID-19 and the lockdown please visit the Government’s official website.

However, if it’s recipes, a guide for talking your kids through their disappointment over yet another cancellation, or just a bit of ‘outside’ perspective – we’re here to help.

Let’s stay safe, in isolation, together, New Zealand.

We’ve taken our Toolbox Parenting Courses and created an online version for the lockdown

Since the lockdown began, we’ve been confined to our bubbles 24/7. With so many restrictions in place, it’s not surprising that our small spaces are causing some big feelings! Level 3 will bring about a little more freedom, but we’re still going to need some tools and strategies to keep the atmosphere in our homes sweet. It’s time to pause, hold and engage. Let’s look at what that means.

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Our family coaches are waiting to help you online.

Our Family Coaches bring their extensive training and experience to help uncover new insights, ideas and practical solutions to parenting and relationship challenges. You’ll be provided with take-home strategies to bring about the positive changes you desire for your whānau during a family lockdown.

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Right now, New Zealand’s most vulnerable families are more vulnerable than ever

Parents who are already facing adversity could find it harder than ever to access the support they need while they navigate lockdown with their families. Would you consider making a small donation to make sure we can get our help and support to all New Zealand families, including those who need it most?

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