Prioritise playfulness

We are often encouraged to prioritise playfulness with our kids, but what about with our partners? Strong relationships are characterised by friendship, and something that fuels friendship is fun! Here are some ideas to help you get the fun started.

1. Book it in

‘Scheduled fun’ may not seem very glamorous or spontaneous, but truth be told, it is far more likely to happen if we put it on the calendar.

2. Make it a priority

Building fun into your relationship is a great way to strengthen your friendship with your partner. This could look like a regular date night, or it could mean putting some music on while you’re doing the dishes and taking a spin around the kitchen together.

3. Leave conflict for later

If conflicts arise during a fun activity, agree to resolve them at a later stage. Don’t let annoyances or niggles ruin the fun. 

4. Be a team

If you or your partner are highly competitive and games quickly become all about winning, choose activities where you can work as a team.

5. Try something new

We all have different ideas of what fun looks like. Sit down with your partner and have a chat about what you both enjoy. Be willing to compromise and get out of your comfort zone.

6. Make room in the budget

Put some money aside each month for fun activities that don’t involve the kids. If money is tight, brainstorm free activities. There are plenty of fun things to do that don’t require money. For example, after putting the kids to sleep, build a fort in the lounge, order some pizza and spend the evening watching a movie or catching up.


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Hannah Dickson

Hannah was the editor of Parenting magazine and from 2008 until 2015. She's a mother of two primary school-aged children and is passionate about baking, cupcakes and giving children a great start with a warm and creative family life.

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