Three reasons I love my husband more as a dad

Since my husband became a dad, my definition of ‘hot’ has shifted – enormously. Forget washboard abs, a deep husky voice and bulging biceps – my husband is smoking hot when he is being a great dad. Why? Well, I think these things are pretty darn attractive.

1. Silliness

A guy who is secure and cool enough to be silly for the sake of his kids is incredibly sexy. I just love it when my husband takes the time to have some good old fashioned fun with our kids. Put him in a pirate suit? Oh baby.

2. Kindness

When my husband lets me sleep in for an extra 20 minutes while he get the kids breakfast, or whisks them off when I’m needing to catch my breath (without being asked), he’s earning some serious brownie points.

3. Helpfulness

I get the warm fuzzies when my husband takes the initiative with helping out around the house – changing pooey nappies, unloading the dishwasher, emptying the vacuum cleaner and taking out the rubbish? Honey, you’re on fire! (Extra points if you fail to mention the dust balls and unmade beds.)