John Cowan

Senior presenter

09 524 0025

John is our senior presenter for The Parenting Place. His great ability to make people listen has him in high demand as a speaker in a variety of situations. Using stories, humour and a unique presentation style, John informs, entertains and inspires.

A former scientist, John draws on 18 years of experience working with young people and their families. He appears on Good Morning, fronts the regular Sunday night Real Life programme on Newstalk ZB, contributes regular articles in magazines, and was a well-known identity on Jude Dobson’s TV programmes. John is a gifted writer, and has co-authored several books and manuals, including The White Water Rafting Years. In his seminars, his emphasis on fun in parenting is refreshing.

John is married to Naomi, who helps present many of his seminars. He has three adult children.