Back to school

When I was a kid I used to hate the way ‘Back to school’ advertisements used to start appearing before the Christmas decorations were even taken down. It seemed far too early a reminder that the summer holidays wouldn’t last forever.

I feel a little bit the same as a grown up. My children are looking forward to seeing their friends and new teachers next week, but a little part of them – and me – would like a few more weeks of holiday. But as you know I’m a sucker for traditions, and back to school is another annual milestone that begs for a celebration or two.

Here’s how some of the staff here at The Parenting Place make heading back to school after the holidays special for their families.

  • I make a chocolate cake for my son to take to school on the first day and share with his new class. It’s something for him to look forward to if he’s feeling nervous, and a way to break the ice as the class gets to know each other.
  • I try and make a ‘Welcome Home’ banner to hanging across the front veranda when they arrive home.
  • We have a special breakfast on the first day back – pancakes spelling out their names are the tradition.
  • A few days before school begins we make a special occasion out of going shopping for new lunchboxes and schoolbags. It’s a great way to get focused about going back to school, and a tradition we really enjoy.