Four tips for settling your child into care

Lots of New Zealand families get away during the summer holidays, travelling to see family and friends, going camping or heading to the beach. In many cases families will take a break from Early Childhood Education for at least a couple of weeks and after all that fun it can be difficult to get back into a routine and to settle your child back into care.

Here are our four top tips to overcome this

1. Talk

Prepare your child for going back into ECE by talking about their carer and place of care. This helps to remind and re-familiarise them with their carer and the fun they have there. For example, “it will be so good to see Sarah and the other children again”, “I wonder what colour the play dough will be at Sarah’s when we go back?”, “what toy/activity are you most looking forward to playing with again?”

2. Stay familiar

While you are taking a break from Early Childhood Education try and drive past occasionally, pointing it out and talking positively. If you have time, maybe drop in for 10-15 minutes for your child to say hi to their friends and carer. Before going on break see if you can take your child’s learning journal or profile book home over the holiday, then make time to go through this together to remind your child of their friends and the fun they have.

3. Prepare and give your child some control

When you are getting ready for your child to return to ECE get them involved. Encourage them to help pack their bag, make their lunch and choose what to wear on their first day back. Perhaps allow them to take something special from over the break, such as a new toy or photo from the holiday that they can share with their friends.

4. Walk away and don’t look back

A parent may find it hard when they first drop their child back at their carers’. If that’s the case ‘fake it till you make it’. Smile as you leave and wait until you are out of sight before shedding any tears. The overall theme is to make returning to care feel exciting and positive for your child. They will follow your lead, so if you are excited and positive about them going back to care and all of the fun they will have, then you are pretty much there.

Home Grown Kids

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    Fostering a positive outlook on daycare in your kids is a smart move. Not only will it get them excited about it, it’ll make dropping them off much easier. Thank you for sharing the tips!