Preparing kids for the real world

While teachers equip our kids with academic, artistic and sporting skills, parents have a broader responsibility to teach and model life as a whole.

Parents are responsible for providing their children with

  1. Food, shelter and clothing
  2. Emotional nurturing, encompassing love and discipline
  3. Communication skills and social etiquette
  4. Handling money
  5. How to take care of themselves and to run a home
  6. Teaching and modelling morals, values and spirituality
  7. Access to a school education

What parents don’t owe their kids is an easy ride, or a shortcut to success. And yet – that’s what many of us do in the hopes that we will help save our kids from discomfort and pain.

On the contrary, a parent’s role is to prepare their children for the real world – to be able to handle themselves and to thrive in any situation. School will do this too, but the foundations need to be laid at home.

Your children will have 12 years at school but up to 60 + years with you! You have the strongest and longer lasting relationship and it is your DNA that will extend beyond this generation into the next.

Yvonne Godfrey, Founder of Miomo and author of Parenting Yadults

MIOMO with Attitude 

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