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Summertime means lots of parents looking for babysitters to look after the family while they are out at
all the functions and celebrations the end of year brings. It also means that teenagers are off school for the long summer break and often looking for extra work. Whether you’re hiring or job-seeking here are some questions to ask.

Five questions to ask before saying ‘yes’ to babysitting

  1. What time will the parents be home and how can they be contacted?
  2. Do any of the kids have food allergies or health conditions?
  3. Is there a special routine around bedtime?
  4. Are there any toys or games that are particularly off limits?
  5. How much television are the kids allowed to watch?

Five questions to ask your teenage babysitter

  1. Have you been a babysitter before? How old were the children you looked after?
  2. Have you ever done a first aid course?
  3. What do you charge per hour and how will you get home?
  4. Are you happy changing nappies and putting the children to bed?
  5. Is there an adult you could contact in an emergency if you couldn’t get hold of me?


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