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Some of us have kids who do well at school, other kids struggle. Regardless of whether your child has natural academic gifts or not, I believe all kids can learn and have a happy time of school. Here are few little tips to keep you kids on track for a Rhodes Scholarship.

Model learning

Let your kids see you loving books, documentaries, podcasts and courses. Maps on the loo wall, quizzes in car, and discussions about what you are learning all give the message, “Learning is fun and important”.

Encourage curiosity

Einstein said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” (except he probably said it in German). Rather than stressing about the completion of projects and homework, ask them to explain the interesting bits that they are learning.

9318323_lLove your school

Sneaky tip – if you are the friendliest, most helpful parent, then it is odds-on that teachers will treat your child extra well. That’s got to help.

Get them to sleep

Probably the most potent education tool you can have in your home is your kid’s bed. Research on 10,000 children showed kids with regular bedtimes do better in reading, maths and other skills as well. They need the same bedtime, every night, and make sure you leave plenty of time for them to read for a while before lights out.

Top tip – reading, reading, reading

Read to them, get them to read to you, and get them reading for fun. Most kids slip back in their education each holiday. In fact, research shows they go backwards by a whole month over the summer break – unless they are kids who read for pleasure. Let them choose their own material at the local library – just keep a firm hand on their shoulder as you steer them past the computers. Set reading times when everyone reads, including parents. Emphasise the pleasure, not the learning.

Education is probably the single biggest factor in your kid’s financial and social success. More than that, your kids have got a great brain so it is wonderful if they learn to use it well.


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