Dave Atkinson

Dave has been involved in youth work for many years and has spoken to thousands of young people at high schools, youth events, on radio, at camps and at church services. He worked for Attitude, the youth education division of Parenting Place, from 2006 till 2015. He is now our creative director. Most recently, Dave has been the face of Vodafone’s Digi-Parenting initiative, in partnership with Parenting Place.

During his time with Attitude, Dave delivered presentations to more than 170,000 high school and intermediate students throughout New Zealand and also at events with both students and their parents present. He is passionate about connecting with an audience by delivering motivating, informative and humorous presentations. He assisted in the presenting and training of presenters in communication skills, and developing presentations and resources for tweens, teens and parents.

Dave’s Attitude presentations targeted some hard-hitting life skills topics including goal setting, emotional and social skills (including rejection and bullying), positive decision-making, relationships, drugs and alcohol, overcoming addictions, sex, grief, depression and youth suicide. He has gained a deep understanding of youth culture and has a real passion for people’s emotional well-being. Dave is a gifted, talented and highly entertaining speaker who will captivate any audience.