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Established in 1993, The Parenting Place is a not-for-profit organisation working to enhance the lives of families and young people in communities and schools throughout New Zealand. We do this by encouraging and strengthening parents with parenting programmes that make a difference while being accessible, fun and inspiring.

At the same time through our Attitude programme we speak to young people in nearly 100% of high schools and an increasing number of intermediate schools, encouraging healthy thinking and positive choices. When parents and their kids are positively impacted at the same time, we are really making a measurable difference in our communities.

As a charity – it is the time, energy and money given by thousands of New Zealanders that makes the delivery of these positive programmes possible.

How you can help make a difference


Our bank details are 12 3027 0367893 00. If you make a donation by direct credit, please include your name and mobile number in the fields, so that we can issue you a donation receipt.

The Parenting Place is a Charitable Trust registered with the Charitable Trust Act 1957 (Charities Act 2005 – Charity Number CC28547).