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Blello Logo Large is an online initiative created by Cool Bananas Youthwork Trust. utilises tools of the digital age to create media content for children age 5 to 12 to engage with and learn values that will help them excel in life. was dreamed up by the team at Cool Bananas who wanted kids to have a safe place to come to and hear about how to live a successful life making right choices, and have fun along the way!

Good TV


We all love sitting down and watching a good film on a Friday night, or flicking on our favourite TV show before bed so we’re curating films and shows from around the world that won’t only become some of your favourites, but will also leave you feeling GOOD! Good because you laughed or cried, good because you were moved, or challenged, entertained or inspired. Good because you know your family have insights around what’s in a film before you hit play.

Protecting the family is a big part of our story, but we’re also about providing the best in online movie and television watching without subscriptions.



We believe in stronger relationships for those closest to your family, no matter their age, how busy, or how far apart.

Kin2kin is focused on the unique needs of grandparents, busy parents, and kids under 14. By tagging friends and family in photos you’re seeding conversations between loved ones.

Kin2kin is a free, private and simple app for connecting all your closest family.

Safe Surfer

Safe Surfer

Safesurfer is a social enterprise that’s focused on removing children’s access to pornography – with our goal being to make the internet a safe place for families around the globe.