That’s a wrap!

Hello from the work week ending 23 June 2017

This week we waved adieu to the shortest day of the year (cue So Long, Farewell from The Sound of Music) and also celebrated a slew of birthdays around the office. We are particularly fond of birthday weeks around here. Making a fuss of wonderful people aside, here’s why – all the delicious food. Tuesdays are staff meeting days in the Auckland office and tradition calls on the birthday boy/girl to shout morning tea – cheese, crackers, cake – you get the idea. One team took it a step further and celebrated with an order of 120 dumplings!

Look what we found

  • Set your kid up to be autonomous and you set them up for success – here
  • Five things to stop expecting from your kids – here
  • Fun with bugs – did you know you could do this? Drop us a comment below if you try this out with your little ones! – here
  • That moment when you realise you are the whole show – watch below!

ICYMI (in case you missed it)

  • Fidget spinners: the seven questions parents want answers to – here
  • Leave room for the grandparents – here
  • The rewards of fatherhood – here
  • Tips to get a child thinking more – here

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And that’s a wrap!