That’s a wrap!

Hello from the work week ending 30 June 2017

Last night we hosted our Hey Baby event at the Parenting Place centre in Greenlane, and what a fabulous night it was! We had fun giveaways, fantastic speakers, lots of baby bumps and engaged mums and dads. There were heaps of tips given and lots of great advice, but the resounding message was – it’s what we do most of the time that counts. We are all going to make mistakes, get overwhelmed, and take a few shortcuts, but you know what? It’s okay! If you are talking to your baby, giving him/her lots of snuggles and making sure he/she is receiving responsive love and care (most of the time), your baby will flourish, and so will you. You’re doing great!

Look what we found

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ICYMI (in case you missed it)

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And that’s a wrap!


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