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Hello from the work week ending 7 July 2017

It’s the last day till school holidays kick off! Wow. How did July sneak up on us so fast? Whether you’re heading off in search of snow and ski fields, or feeling overwhelmed by the idea of keeping the kids entertained while you’re at work, we’re here to lend you a little inspiration. This week, we’ve gathered some ideas for rainy day activities, and we’ve also found some thought-provoking reading for those of us who need to have some important chats with our kids these holidays. Enjoy!

Look what we found

  • Rainy day ideas for July holiday fun – here
  • Why it’s so important to talk to your kids about porn – here
  • How to strengthen your child’s emotional intelligence – here 

ICYMI (in case you missed it)

  • Why you should have a Big Weekend with your pre-teen – here (P.S. you can now download the Big Weekend for free on Spotify!)
  • Parenting alone – seven tips to top up your tank – here
  • Social media and the teen brain – here
  • How much technology is too much? – watch below

And that’s a wrap!


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