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Hello from the work week ending 4 August 2017

This week at staff meeting in the Auckland office, our Toolbox manager, who was up from Tauranga, shared a wonderful story with us about Toolbox in Ethiopia. Currently being run in the mission sector community, we heard how much the courses have helped families there as they navigate adjustment and transition. This was the quote used to describe Toolbox and we gotta say, we are inspired!

“Don’t teach men to chop down trees, make lumber, build boats and sail out into the ocean. Instead describe to them the ocean and the possibilities available in far-off places. Activate their imagination for what is possible beyond what they can see in their immediate environment. And guess what they’ll do? Chop down trees, make lumber, build boats and sail out into the ocean.”

What are some oceans and ‘far-off places’ you and your family are dreaming about right now?

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Topic one – supporting our children’s feelings
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