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Hello from the work week ending 25 August 2017

Today’s a big day, guys! As we ‘speak’, a few of our team are setting up at the Spark Arena for tonight’s Warehouse Gala Dinner. Why? Well, in case you didn’t hear, we have created a programme together with The Salvation Army that will equip fathers in the building of positive and healthy relationships in their families. The programme is called Breakthrough and we are very excited about it! Watch the video below and join in the buzz around here today!

Look what we found

  • How music changes your child’s brain for the better – here
  • 35 questions to ask your kids instead of, “What did you do today?” – here
  • Preschool, as told by a sassy two year old – watch below

Mary (on questions to ask your kids): “When my three year old got in the car, instead of asking how his day was I’d just launch into detail about how my day had been and what I had done, then I’d say, “How about you?” Now, as soon as I say hi to him at kindy every day, without fail he says, “How was your day?” And then after i’ve finished, he tells me about his and he does the same to my husband when he gets home.”

Keryn (on questions to ask your kids): “I think the key thing is actually the timing and the atmosphere behind the questions. We’ve recently started doing ‘rose and thorn’ at the dinner table. Everyone shares their highlight and lowlight of the day. Thats made my five year old talk more than any other attempts.”

ICYMI (in case you missed it)

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Meet you at Merediths

Every Tuesday at Merediths is a Dine By Donation day, where all the revenue for meals – beautiful, three-course degustation meals – goes towards a selected charity. Parenting Place has been selected as the recipient for September, and we would love to see all the tables booked!

Click here to find out more and to book your spots today.

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