That’s a wrap!

Hello from the work week ending 12 May 2017

In case you missed the news, our magazine team is furiously working on an exciting version of Parenting magazine for New Zealand Rugby. The magazine goes to the printers on Monday so it’s been a full week of photo shoots, interviews and endless hours spent proofing every possible little detail. The magazine will be going out to professional rugby players and the rugby community all across this country – we are very excited!

It is also Mother’s Day this Sunday! Mums, you are some of biggest heroes – and just in case you don’t hear it enough, we appreciate you endlessly. Here are a couple of cute secret agents we enlisted to give your whānau some ideas to help smother you in love this weekend.

Look what we found

  • How to help your kids grieve their pet – here
  • Why we should all be wasting time – here
  • Parenting – the most ‘glamorous’ job on earth – here

ICYMI (in case you missed it)

Here are a few articles we posted this week.

  • And then they learned the word ‘no’ – here
  • The teenage brain decoded – here
  • My dad’s a pilot – here
  • Four parenting myths busted – here

And that’s a wrap!