It’s all about whānau

In this series of 90-minute shows, well-loved entertainer Pio Terei shares his heart, stories and practical parenting ideas. He has presented to diverse audiences – from executives and prison inmates, to school children and league players, and in a range of contexts all over the country – from marae and schools, to clubs and the armed forces.
Through songs, videos and stories, Pio shares practical parenting ideas about family life in a way that really ‘clicks’. These shows are designed with Māori in mind, but have a wide appeal across all audiences.

Parenting with Pio


These shows focus on having a foundation of aroha and positive solutions, offering alternative tools that help address hard behaviour. Our hope is for parents to leave inspired in their commitment to be reliable and love their kids no matter what.

The three main presentations are –

  1. Become a Parent Coach (for parents with children of any age)
  2. Building awesome whānau (for parents with children of any age)
  3. Parenting teenagers (for parents of adolescents and soon-to-be teenagers)

These shows can be tailored to your audience so if you’re looking for a particular topic to be covered, just let us know.

How do I get Parenting with Pio in my community?

Easy! You provide a venue and crowd, we’ll provide the show. Get in touch and we’ll chat through the logistics of putting one of these events on – from funding, to sponsorship, to the best ways to get the word out there to your target audience.

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