Frequently asked questions

Who will be there?

In short, a group of parents (or caregivers), and their young people. Plus a bunch of epic youth workers and communicators – also known as the Attitude team.

What is the main objective of Tī Kōuka?

Tī Kōuka is all about strengthening relationships and starting those tough conversations that are crucial to you and your young person navigating the next few years well. It’s also about having a ton of fun and creating lasting memories together.

So what will we be doing?

Getting stuck into a smorgasbord of activities, adventure challenges, insightful sessions, hilarious games, great food, and space for quality reflection and conversation.

Will there be any free time?

Yes. As well as all the fun stuff listed above, there will be time to chill out and catch up with your young person or other parents, or explore the beautiful surroundings of your camp.

I’m feeling nervous about coming – any advice?

A lot of people feel nervous because they don’t know what to expect. That’s okay! Check out some of the feedback below from previous Tī Kōuka attendees. Feel free to get in touch with our team – we’d love to chat through any concerns.

When asked what they thought of Tī Kōuka, here’s what came back to us

  • “Just wanted to say a massive thank you. What an amazing weekend. My son and I were privileged in so many ways to be able to attend. The leaders were perfect for the job – high energy, bubbly, patient, helpful, caring, kind and very friendly, not to mention funny and very informative. They offered information in a way we could all keep focus, remember and apply practically.”
  • “This was an experience of a lifetime.”
  • “You guys are awesome people and I can’t talk highly about the value of this experience. I really wish every parent and child in New Zealand has an opportunity for a similar experience.”

Will we have to share in a group context?

There’ll be times to chat and hang out with the other parents and children throughout the weekend, but you’ll never need to share anything then or during any of the sessions that would make you feel uncomfortable.

My child and I are in a tough place, will the programme be okay for us?

From the get-go, we wanted Tī Kōuka to be a safe and helpful environment for every family. While we can’t promise that we can make things easier for you, we do promise that we’ll do everything we can to equip, support, and encourage you and your child.

We have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for?

Absolutely, let us know what you can and can’t eat and we will cater for you.