Frequently asked questions

Who will be there?

You will be joined by 5-10 couples who will be feeling just like you – a little unsure about what to expect but keen to get some time away together as a couple.

What will we be doing?

The weekend has a really relaxed vibe. It’s set in a beautiful location and is fully catered, which in it itself feels quite luxurious. There are seven sessions throughout the weekend where facilitators talk about an idea, share their experiences, and then send you away as a couple to have your own chat around the same topic.

Will there be any free time?

In between the sessions, couples get to to head off-site and just hang out together. Most couples find this time together incredibly relaxing and enriching.

What if we need help in our conversations?

There will be a counsellor with us at the retreat who’s happy to add support to your chats, if you want it.

We have something else on – can we miss one session of the retreat?

No, all the conversations build on one another throughout the weekend so it’s not possible to slip away as you’ll miss key parts of the programme.

My partner is nervous about coming – what shall I say to them?

A lot of people feel nervous because they don’t know what to expect. That’s okay! Check out some of the feedback below from previous Whiria attendees. Feel free to get in touch with our team – we’d love to chat through any concerns.

When asked, “How would you describe Whiria to family and friends?”

  • “Challenging, rewarding, working through difficult conversations in a comfortable and safe environment.”
  • “The best way to get the most helpful tools in our relationship kete we’ve ever had – goes to the depths.”
  • “This retreat helps you to begin to understand why we behave the way we do and how it affects our partner. It gives insight into what the other person needs, which is a very helpful agent in changing the way we relate to and do life together, so we don’t keep going around the same merry-go-round.”
  • “Highly recommend to couples experiencing rough waters, or couples wanting to get better insight to what each other thinks and feels.”
  • “Everything exceeded my expectations.”
  • “Each and everyone of the team was an exceptional human being filled with kindness and compassion that embodied the intention of the Whiria retreat.”

Will we have to share about our relationship in a group context?

There’ll be times to chat and hang out with the other couples throughout the weekend, but you’ll never need to share anything then or during any of the sessions that makes you uncomfortable.

My partner and I are in a rough place, will the programme be okay for us?

All relationships go through rough places. The weekend will definitely help you understand where you’re getting stuck in your relationship and how you can find your way back to each other. You’ll be spending lots of time talking together so it’s important to be committed to the relationship despite the challenges you are facing.

I don’t feel safe to talk to my partner – do you think we should still come?

No, the weekend is focused around sharing together. So if you don’t feel safe to talk to your partner about your feelings, then it might be best to do some counselling so you can get the support you need to start sharing.

We have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for?

Absolutely, let us know what you can and can’t eat and we will cater for you.