Building Awesome Whānau

Building Awesome Whānau draws on the wisdom of mātauranga Māori and the best of Toolbox to offer you and your family a kaupapa that is unique to Aotearoa. Designed for whānau raising children aged 0-12, this course can be delivered over a number of weeks, or as a wānanga (facilitator dependent).

Some familiar faces have helped us to create this resource so it’s packed full of great ideas, positive stories from parents still on the journey with their own tamariki and practical ideas to help you. Your facilitator will draw on the wealth of wisdom and experiences present in the group, and weave that together with all that is Building Awesome Whānau, so that you are supported and encouraged as you awhi (nurture) and build your awesome whānau.

What’s covered in the six sessions?

  • Session 1 – Laying the foundations – building your family on aroha
  • Session 2 – Parents are the roof – protecting your whānau
  • Session 3 – The walls of the whare – boundaries to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
  • Session 4 – Keeping it sweet – atmosphere is everything
  • Session 5 – Cool kōrero! – communication
  • Session 6 – Outside the whare – living in the big wide world


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Building Awesome Whānau contacts 

General enquiries
Madi Hunt |

Building Awesome Whānau trainers

Phil Baker
022 151 9554 |

Robynne Kama
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Training for Building Awesome Whānau (0-12)

  1. Register your interest with BAW Trainers or Madi so that you can be notified when a BAW Facilitator Training Workshop is happening in your region.
  2. Complete facilitator application
  3. Two-day training workshop
  4. Co-facilitation of your first BAW
  5. Assessment


If you will be facilitating BAW voluntarily in your community, the training costs will be $100 per person.  If you will be facilitating BAW within the course of your employment or on behalf of an organisation, the cost will be $250 per person.  (Approval of BAW facilitation is accredited to the person who trains, not the organisation.)