Parenting Talks: support your parent community

There is nothing better than encouraging a parent on their journey, except being able to encourage many parents... all at once! Our Parenting Talks are fun and inspiring events you can hold at your school, kindy, workplace or community space to inspire and equip whānau with practical skills and informed guidance on the big topics they’re navigating.

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How it works

Parenting Talks cater to the preschool, primary, intermediate and high school years of parenting. Delivered by one of our trained presenters, Parenting Place talks contain relevant research, practical tips and strategies for parents to better understand and grow their skills and connection with their kids.

We adapt our presentations to suit the age group and audience, and we offer Parenting Talks in:

  • Workplaces
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens and ECEs
  • Community groups
  • Online
Hosting a Parenting Talk is a simple way for you to support and encourage your parents and caregivers, staff members or wider community, providing both connection with other parents and increased levels of confidence.

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Topics we cover

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Supporting kids through anxiety and worry – Primary, Intermediate

We’ll unpack anxiety and consider the impact of social pressure, technology and current events. Parents will gain practical strategies to create a nurturing environment where children can be supported, heard and get access to the help they need.

Parenting talk Tackling Technology

Tackling technology - Primary, Intermediate, High School

Guiding our kids through a digital world – online safety, screen-time, social media, gaming and how to set a healthy family culture around device use.

Parenting talk Kind Firm Calm

Kind, Firm, Calm - Preschool, Primary

A transformative parenting posture that empowers parents to remain Kind, so kids feel loved and connected; Firm, so they feel the security of boundaries and leadership; and Calm, so they feel safe and supported to regulate their emotions.

Parenting talk Building Awesome Whānau

Building an awesome whānau - Primary, Intermediate, High School

Equipping and energising whānau to strengthen their relationships with aroha and a whole lot of fun.

Parenting talk Raising confident kids

Raising confident and resilient children - Primary, Intermediate, High School

Ways to help our kids build confidence and resilience in a world of highs and lows.

Parenting talk Communication and Connection

Staying connected in the teen years - Intermediate, High School

Keys to maintaining communication and enhancing connection with our young people.

Parenting talk Big feelings

Big Feelings - Preschool, Primary

Ways to support our little people through disappointment and strong emotions.

Parenting talk Strong willed child

Parenting a strong-willed child - Preschool

Practical ways to navigate self-assurance and stubbornness, and help strong-willed kids use their will well!

Parenting talk Deeply feeling child

Parenting a highly sensitive child - Preschool

Supporting your sensitive child to thrive in an overwhelming world.

What to expect

Each talk is typically 60 minutes long and can be tailored to suit your audience - delivered in-person or online.

Please enquire below and our Parenting Talks co-ordinator will get in touch with you to answer any questions and organise details.

For more details about booking, cancellation, deposit and other terms, please read our Parenting Talks policy.

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What’s the cost?

We offer Parenting Talks nationwide and aim to make them accessible to all, which means our prices vary depending on your location and what you're wanting to do.

Get in touch below and our Parenting Talks co-ordinator can help work out the best plan for you.

We have some funding options available to subsidise fees should you require it.

Take a look at our Booking & Cancellation Policy for parenting talks.

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