Untangling Anxiety: Supporting kids through worry and fear

Are you noticing more moodiness, tearfulness or tummy aches, especially before school or social events? It might not just be a momentary meltdown or even teenage angst – often these shifts in behaviour can be signs that a child or young person is struggling with anxious thoughts.

In this new, 8-module, self-guided online course you'll gain fresh insights into your child’s inner world and learn simple, practical strategies to help them manage their big feelings and worries.

With the guidance of clinical professionals and parent coaches, you’ll learn more about what’s going on in your child’s mind and body; how social pressure, technology and current events might impact your child; and gain practical strategies to support them through some of the common stressors they encounter at different ages and stages of their development.

Designed with busy parents in mind, this course features bite-sized videos, illustrative footage, real-life parenting stories and downloadable resources, allowing you to work through each module at your own pace and in your own time.

What parents are saying about this course:

"It confirmed things I was already thinking and gave really good tips to talk about the content with my children. It was also helpful in terms of my own anxiety and managing that alongside my children's worries - how I can use it to strengthen their resilience instead of feeling guilty I've passed it on them."

"Accessible, relatable, informative!"

"We’re hard-wired to feel that anxiety is bad, a sign of parental failure, something to be smoothed over, avoided or solved. But taking the heat off it and accepting it as a part of reality without the baggage is so helpful and hopeful."

Topics covered in this course

  • What is anxiety and how does it show up?
  • What does worry look like at different ages and stages of your child's development?
  • Strategies for talking to your child
  • A look at temperament and perfectionism
  • Strategies for building resilience
  • Mindfulness, boundaries and healthy habits
  • Tips for the specifics
  • What to do when it's all too much

How much does it cost?

The course costs $95 (NZD), which gives you lifetime access to all course modules, including bite-sized videos, expert insights, real-life stories and downloadable resources. Join us in navigating big worries together! If you are facing financial challenges, but would like to access this course please email

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