Space supports you and your baby throughout your first year, while you build great relationships with other parents. Together with your little one, you’ll meet weekly over 20-30 weeks to explore parenting and your baby’s development as you discover what works for your family in a safe, facilitated environment. As well as discussion topics such as sleep, attachment and brain development, you’ll enjoy music, books and play experiences while getting to know the families in your group.

Explore these topics and more

  • Sleep
  • Attachment
  • Brain development
  • Play
  • Attunement
  • Reflective parenting

What to expect

One of the best things about Space is the village – each week you will join other parents going through similar experiences as they too navigate caring for a tiny human. We’ve seen the relationships formed within Space groups provide invaluable support and connection for parents and babies alike.

Who runs Space?

Space groups are run by trained facilitators who are passionate about supporting new parents and babies. Your Space facilitator will make sure you and your baby have everything you need to enjoy relaxing and fun Space sessions, and – most importantly – they’ll do all they can to ensure you leave every session feeling re-energised and inspired in your parenting journey. 

How much does it cost?

Space is delivered by a network of fantastic partners who all set their own price. Click below to find a Space group near you.

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