Toolbox Baby and Toddler Years

Parenting your baby or toddler comes with a surprising amount of unexpected challenges! Sleep deprivation, strong-willed 2-year-olds, picky eaters and food flying everywhere!

Over six weeks, we’ll cover all of this and more with plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions. With the collective wisdom in the room right now (including your own) we’re sure you’ll come out the other end feeling confident and ready to tackle the baby and toddler years with your kids.

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What we'll cover

  • Different Parenting Styles
  • Understanding your child
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Love and Connection

Session 1: The Foundation of Love

Session one is all about getting the foundations right. We'll explore what warm, loving relationships look like and how important it is for us to value ourselves and our role as parents.

Session 2: Parents

We'll look at the different parenting styles and discover which style we use most. We'll also unpack the tools needed to shift parenting styles and take care of ourselves along the way.

Session 3: Stronger, Deeper, Closer

Session three is about helping us understand our children and the impact that our home atmosphere has on our kids. We'll also look at the wonderful world of play and provide some fantastic ideas for whānau fun.

Session 4: Heart-led Parenting

Let's tackle big feelings and explore ways we can deeply connect with our kids and learn to listen to their emotions.

Session 5: Loving Discipline

We'll unpack discipline and provide some tools for setting and maintaining great family boundaries.

Session 6: Putting it All Together

Let's put it all together. An opportunity to reflect on what we've learned and look at the future of our whānau with hope and optimism.

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Dates & Locations

Connect Centre - Timaru

Start Date:
03 Mar 2022
End Date:
14 Apr 2022
19:00 PM - 21:15 PM
Connect Centre, 44-46 Rothwell Street, Redruth, Timaru 7910

Cost & Payment

Toolbox costs $75 per person or register as a couple and pay $110 for two.
If paying for Toolbox is going to be a barrier for you to attend, please get in touch.


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