Space for you and your baby

The first 1000 days of your baby’s life are incredibly important – especially when it comes to the very special connection between babies and their primary caregivers. So we are passionate about supporting you and your whānau right from day one through Space for you and your baby. 

During the current Covid-19 Alert levels we are pleased to announce that you can still join a SPACE programme – this time online and from the comfort of your own home! Click the ‘Book now’ button to find your nearest Space group and join other parents in sharing music, story time, and discussing the week’s topic with our trained facilitators.

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What is Space? 

Space supports you and your baby throughout your first critical year together. Together with your little one, you’ll meet weekly over 25 -30 weeks to explore parenting and your baby’s development as you discover what works for your family in a safe, facilitated environment. As well as discussion topics such as sleep, attachment and brain development, you’ll enjoy music, books and play experiences while getting to know other new families and building strong relationships in your local community.

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Become a Space partner

Space is made possible by partners who care about whānau in their local communities. These include Early Childhood Education centres, Playcentre, churches and community organisations. Through running Space, organisations can extend the support and connections available to new parents and babies within their communities, promoting thriving families and relationships.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Space partner, we’d love to hear from you. Simply email

Thank you to NEXT Foundation and Tindall Foundation for your support.