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We are still offering Family Coaching online and over the phone to support families during this challenging time. Book a "Family Coaching Session - Online" and we'll be in touch.

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Sheridan Eketone

Sheridan Eketone is warm, engaging and highly relatable, and ready to help when parents are feeling like they’ve tried it all. As a mother-of-four, Sheridan combines her first-hand parenting insights with the latest evidence-based information to offer practical strategies that will help parents build connection with their children, manage big feelings and create a positive family atmosphere. Sheridan regularly delivers presentations on parenting in corporate and community settings, as well as consulting on parenting topics across New Zealand radio and television platforms. With over 18 years of front-line experience raising her own busy whānau, Sheridan understands the daily demands of life with kids. She has loads of practical support to offer, as well as highly contagious levels of enthusiasm, passion and patience.


Jenny Hale

Jenny has been on the team at Parenting Place for nearly 23 years. (She is setting a record!) Once upon a time, Jenny was a teacher and an educator for Parents As First Teachers. Her lifelong passion is working with families and helping them find solutions to the tricky everyday challenges that come hand-in-hand with parenting. Author of the recently released Kind, Firm, Calm: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Parenting, Jenny enjoys writing as well as travelling around the country speaking in preschools, schools, churches and community organisations. Jenny has been married to Stuart for 44 years and adores being a grandma to their three grandkids. Addicted to buying books for her grandchildren, she’d love to write her own children’s books one day, as well as raise free-range chickens and perhaps even take up horse-riding again.

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Unavailable at traffic light settings Red and Orange. Book an online video or phone session.

$95 for a 1-hour appointment

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$95 for a 1-hour appointment

Kind, Firm, Calm - by Jenny Hale

Jenny is also the author of the recently released book Kind, Firm, Calm: Simple strategies to transform your parenting.

We are still offering Family Coaching online and over the phone to support families during this challenging time. $95 per 60-minute session. If you’re unable to pay online, or payment will be a barrier to you accessing this service, email to make your booking.

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Family coaching provides you with the take-home strategies that can help you bring about the positive changes you desire for your whānau.