Podcast policy statement

Our podcasts are a place to chat, laugh, share stories, and offer some friendly thoughts and advise on parenting. Our podcasts are for informational and entertainment purposes only. As our conversations are general in nature, they should not be relied on to make decisions specific to your parenting or whānau situation. Should you require it, we recommend you seek professional advice from any one of our parent coaches who will take into consideration your unique circumstances.

In some of our conversations, our hosts and guests speak about personal parenting struggles including infertility, grief, and child loss. Please be aware that these topics can be upsetting or distressing to some listeners. We recommend you seek personal support if you need to talk through these.

Should you choose to engage with our podcast’s conversations through comments or social media, we request you be respectful and friendly in keeping with our social media guidelines.

Who is our podcast audience

Parents We've Met podcast is accessible to anyone who has legal access to channels like Spotify, Google Podcasts and; Apple Podcasts, however the content is designed and intended for:

Parents who are looking for inspiration, strategies and tools to help them feel better equipped in their parenting roles Caregivers who are involved in raising children including grandparents, teachers, baby-sitters, family friends and extended family members Professionals who work with children and are interested in relevant conversations.

Our podcast is not intended for

Listening by children and teenagers who are in the care of an adult Diagnosing or identifying any medical situations or providing personalized professional advice. Propagation or promotion of other external content or programmes not developed by Parenting Place.

Content ownership & copyright

All podcast content has been developed and produced by Parenting Place with the required consents and permissions sought from contributors and presenters. 

Podcast content and delivery is therefore owned by and is the copyright of Parenting Place only (unless otherwise specified in writing or commissioned in writing).

Brand names and logos are trademarked by Parenting Place and therefore not available/permitted to be used by anyone/any entity other than Parenting Place (unless otherwise specified in writing).

Content may not be reproduced, edited, or promoted without our prior consent in writing. Content may not be used in other external programmes or courses without our prior consent in writing.

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